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  • LanaHC

    Hey, folks! 
    We start to work on the upgrade for the support ships. Soon you can buy the upgrades for each support ship. For instance, if you buy the upgrade for one lightning, so you gain upgrades for all lightning.

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  • LanaHC

    NEWS! Soon Space Arena v.1.12

    September 18, 2018 by LanaHC

    The Version 1.12 update will see a few changes:

    1. New Matchmaking - Matchmaking has been updated to give more appropriate opponents based on the following criteria: Ship Class, Level Range, Win-Loss Ratio, and of course Ranking. This should provide better play for all players.
    2. New Warp Drive Mechanics - Warp drive will no longer teleport ships directly in front of the enemy ships. Instead, valid warp locations have been restricted to the sides and rear of enemy vessels.
    3. A new in-game shop - The shop where you buy Celestium has had it's interface updated to a new style. In addition to the new style, sales will now be more clearly described, showing both the original price as well as the sale price of the Celestium. This should make the benefit o…
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  • LanaHC

    NEWS! Save you ship construct

    September 14, 2018 by LanaHC

    Hey, folks! 
    In the Space Arena version 13.0, we'll add the great feature, which you wait a very long time. The improving of construct screen. 
    You can save the constructs of the ship. Also, you will see the weapon range. And the best part is the construct of each support ship. 
    It will be the really good update. Soon :) 

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  • LanaHC

    Hey, folks! We've chosen the ship for 54 lvl. Let's see it below. 
    It will be the ship with support - Therion. We'll see it in the game very soon, platform Kongregate will be first place, where we can play with this ship. 
    Share your opinions about this ship in comments :)

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  • LanaHC

    NEWS! New feature soon!

    September 7, 2018 by LanaHC

    Hey, y'all!
    We're preparing for you another new feature. And you're sure liked that. The new screen for the hangar. Here you can see the basic parameters for each ship. Also, you can notice that we upgraded our icons. Incredible, isn't it?
    Guys, which icons were changed on the upper menu? Write your variant below and the 5 first winners will be rewarded 500 Celestium. 
    Also, we continue to choose the best ship for 54lvl, vote here

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